The B-Cube Classic Bioclimatic Pergola is an innovative space saver that allows you to create a comfortable and cosy outdoor living space with unique add-ons. The fully automated aerofoil louvres can adjust the shading on your terrace when retracted.

The ‘Classic’ can be used as a lean-to-wall module, as it is a flat-mounted pergola system supported by front posts.

When fully closed, the top area becomes totally water-resistant. A restrained gutter catches the rainwater and makes it drain directly in the vertical posts. Sidewall screens (optionally integrated), can keep out the cold and wind, making the space home-like.

This retractable pergola is ideal for private residences, along with hotels, bars, and the leisure industry.

Maximum Measurements
4,000 mm
Projection: 7,045 mm
Coverage: 28 sqm on a Single System

Available Options

  • Sun Sensor
  • Wind Sensor
  • Balcony Glass & Glazing Systems
  • Aluminium Doors and/or Windows
  • Linear LED Lighting System
  • Heat Insulated Aerofoil Louvres
  • Integrated Speaker Module Audio System

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