CA 430 Folding Arm Awning

The CA430 keeps your terrace cool whilst keeping the sun away from your windows. In poor weather, the fabric and awning are safely stored in an aluminium cassette. A sensible water drainage system prevents water seeping into the box when the awning is closed, to keep the fabric looking great for much longer. The strong arm with built-in pull sprind is also ready for heavy use. The trim, which matches the fabric colour, provides a fresh finish.

Made-to-measure fabrics

The fabric is protected over the entire width of the awning by a fabric roller support profile, which ensures that it is concealed from sight and safely stored in the box. The inner surface of this profile is covered with a plastic anti-wear coating. This ensures good fabric guidance and extends the life of the fabric.

Seamless integration with your home

Create a harmonious combination with the CA430 box colour and your external joinery. We offer scratch-resistant textured coatings for a standard price.