The PR220 series are compact folding arm awnings designed for use in domestic and commercial applications. Featuring an aluminum extruded hood to enclose the protective fabric, the PR220 effectively combines contemporary design, ease of use and protection in one affordable and versatile package.

Perfect for use on a porch or near a swimming pool the PR220 is the ultimate in ease of use. Apart from the usual crank and gearbox manual control, it is available with an optional remote control, powered by a superior tubular motor tested for thousands of uses. Also available is a wind-sun sensor, which automatically extends or retracts the awning depending on the sunlight and wind speed. Once installed, you don’t have to worry about control at all!

The aluminum extruded hood protects the fabric from the elements while retracted to ensure long life, and is still extremely compact and low profile, so it blends in with the building façade perfectly. Once extended, the spring assembly creates maximum tension for the fabric, so there’s no flapping. All mechanisms and materials are extensively treated so that you have complete peace of mind, and we also provide a 5 year guarantee.

With a wide angle range, operation options, durable materials, effective protection and customizable fabric, the PR220 can be installed in a variety of establishments and homes. It’s been engineered, tested and manufactured for years of usage with minimal maintenance. Every single hinge and mechanism has also been extensively tested so that even the harshest environmental conditions do not degrade them. Rest assured, the PR220 will not let you down!

Key Features

  • Optional remote control
  • Optional wind and sun sensor
  • Contemporary yet compact design
  • Compact roller design for easy integration
  • Made from the highest quality materials
  • Angle range from 10° to 45°
  • Easy manual operation
  • Zinc plated spring steel cables for maximum durability
  • Aluminum alloy arms and hinges
  • 5 year guarantee

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