Give Your Outdoor Living Space the Look of Luxury

The best outdoor spaces are designed to be inviting. However, many people tend to ignore this small but important fact. They think that they need to spend a lot of money to give their homes a luxe look. Not so. You don’t have to spend on infinity pools and marble statues to up the luxe quotient, you can achieve the luxury look on a budget. Give your outdoor living space the look of luxury with these makeover ideas.

Outdoor Living

1. Integrate the 5 ‘Key Components’

A badly done outdoor area will rob the aesthetic look of your home. Get a good plan ready before creating a great outdoor look. The five things that require your attention are:
1. Balance
2. Colour
3. Proportion
4. Textures
5. Shape
Focus on these things before you chalk out your dream space.

2. All Eyes on the Entry

The first impression causes the most impact, so try and give the entry of your home the importance it deserves. Whether it is attention to the pathway, painting the entry in contrast colours or ensuring the entry to your dream space is fringed with exotic greenery, all of this contributes to your living space.

3. Make the most of ‘Versatile Spaces’

If you have a yard you’ve got to make the most of it. Add a grill or bar area outside where you can share intimate conversations with your friends and family. Add similar colors, textures, patterns and lighting concepts to create an illusion of continuity. The key to getting an expensive look is by focusing on minimalism.

4. Add Decor

One way of decorating your patio is to imagine that your outdoor living space is a direct extension of your indoor space. Add things like rugs, coffee tables and pillows to elevate the outside look. Use your imagination to add more, like coasters, candles and even lamps. And if you are worried about the weather invest in outdoor awnings or outdoor blinds.

5. Hang Lights

Any contemporary patio design isn’t complete without lights. When it comes to lighting, think outside of the box. Globe string lighting looks particularly elegant and there is something very festive about hanging lights.
You can try LED lighting that fringes on the landscaping edges or even on stair treads. This not only enhances style but also helps to increase safety. Adding spotlights on trees and shrubs also provide a manicured look to your yard.
Don’t go for too much colourful lighting as it may come across as Christmas lights and spoil the overall effect. Try and go for white and blue landscape lighting colours, they are conservative and a safe bet. They also add scale to space.

Adding these elements to your outdoor space will lend an uber-luxe feel to it. Your outdoor living space is set to transform forever, are you willing to go for it?

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Why You Should Invest in Your Outdoor Living Space

There are many reasons and benefits for investing in your outdoor living space. We look at some gains from enhancing your outdoor living area. If you want to enhance your outdoor living area, you can easily transform your patio, deck, or garden nook easily into your new favorite room. This is your ideal place to cuddle up with a steaming cup of coffee, a book and some fresh air. If you keep a close tab on some of the big trends doing the rounds now you will see that outdoor living is the new big trend now! But how would you get it started?

Retractable Awnings sydney

When it comes to color, go bold!

  • Add more pillows and plants to brighten up the whole proceedings.
  • Create more drama with lighting.
  • Transform your space into a beautiful retreat with the use of lanterns, candles and string lights.
  • Add more plants, exploring your green thumb in the process.
  • Add folding arm awnings to protect your home and to add more space to your

 Increase the living area

Folding arm awnings helps you enjoy the outdoor living space, despite the hostile weather conditions. You won’t have to endure the harsh sun nor would you be worried about the torrential rain. You can enjoy the sight of raindrops drenching the entire world outside while you sit snug inside your cocooned ambiance. Also, folding arm awnings can be easily retracted when the weather turns bad.

 How much shade do you want?

You can either get your shade from a permanent structure, but if you want to feel the hot fingers of the sun on your face, then a retractable awning is the perfect option for you. Retract when you want with just a click of a button. You can either fully retract it or put it out partially.

Enjoy the view under the shade: The best of both worlds

Nowadays, companies, that make retractable roof system, have upgraded the product using innovative technology. This blocks the sun or the rain but not your view.

Change the look of your home

Motorized retractable awnings are customized to your needs as it can fit into your space. They are now available in different shades and styles available in myriad colors and styles. Select the one that matches your home decor.

Cool down the temperature

You can enjoy a hot day inside the cool climes of your home with retractable awnings. Not only it can keep the sun out but you can also save electricity bills if you put up an awning.  The best part you don’t have to keep your air conditioner running all the time.  Likewise, you can keep your home warm during the winters, when you let the sun in, warming up the entire home.

So, if you want to enhance the look of the outside of your home, think of investing in an awning and make the outdoor living area a beautiful one.