Our Retractable Roof Systems range boasts beautifully designed opening roof structures that fold back to accommodate the area above. These systems give you protection from the sun, wind, and rain; and are a key component to creating your ultimate outdoor space.

The cover is made of a PVC coated polyester fabric that combines and with an integrated guttering, flashing, and downpipes, making the system waterproof. The roofs travel along a lightweight track system and when extended, it is held under tension making it extremely resilient to high winds. At the touch of a button, the motorised roof retracts evenly and smoothly along side rails, stacking neatly under a protective sheet. Retractable roofs are mounted on a pergola type structure, either custom-made from aluminium, timber or steel; or on an existing frame.

With a retractable roof you can:
• have the option for shade, but still allow light through
• retract the roof when the sun has gone down to reveal the open skies
• extend the roof when it rains

With a permanent roof your only option is to have it constantly overhead!
Imagine a beautiful balmy summer evening and the stars are out – with the press of a button your roof can disappear. Unlike permanent roof structures you can enjoy the night sky!
Perhaps you own a café or restaurant. With a retractable roof you can extend the roof and create an alfresco dining area that can be used even on a rainy evening without losing your clientele and retract it when the weather is fine.
We offer four different designs in our Retractable Roof Systems range – the Reno, Flat, Semi Curve and the Full Curve. All models are ideal for both residential and commercial spaces.

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