Aberdeen 9100 Wire Guided Straight Drop Awning

The Aberdeen 9100 Wire Guided is a straight drop screen awning ideal to shield a desired area from harsh sunlight, whilst still offering a splendid view. Made from a high-quality mesh material, the Aberdeen blocks up to 90% of sunlight and provides privacy for windows, balconies and verandahs.

Depending on your requirements, there are motorized and un-motorized versions available in the unhooded Aberdeen 9100.

The motorized versions of the Aberdeen are powered by a high-quality tubular motor which can be conveniently controlled by a remote-control unit. Additionally, there is also an option to install a wind-sun sensor which automatically controls the awning depending on sunlight and wind speed, for maximum ease of use. Both products are extensively tested and come with 2-year guarantees.

This awning comes with stainless steel guide wires and bottom bars, as well as stainless steel tensioners so that there is absolutely no flapping and noise during windy days. Featuring highly durable mesh material, you never have to worry about protection from the elements and sunlight. Plus, the Aberdeen 9100 can be customized to fit a wide range of environments. With a maximum width of 5,100mm and maximum drop of 3,000m, it is perfect for any home or workplace.

Key Features

  • Optional wind-sun sensor
  • Contemporary yet compact design
  • Low profile design for easy integration
  • Made from the highest quality materials
  • Maximum width of 5,100mm
  • Maximum drop of 3,000mm
  • Automatic and electric operation
  • Stainless steel cables and tensioners
  • Available in hooded-unmotorized, hooded-motorized, unhooded-unmotorized and unhooded-motorized models
  • 2-year guarantee