Clear Straight Drop Screen

Clear Straight Drop Screens, also known as Cafe Blinds, are simple yet effective alternatives to glass and cladding to keep your verandah or any outdoor area comfortable during the winter months. Keep warmth intact and spend your time outside in a comfortable temperature with our huge range of clear PVC retractable blinds.

Not only does this product keep the warmth intact, but it also protects your desired area from chilly winds and dust. Now you can enjoy the view outside without having to worry about unfavourable weather conditions. Choose from our range of clear straight drop screens that can be fitted into any home or work environment with ease.

Aberdeen Clear

The Aberdeen Clear is the ultimate in clear straight drop screens, blending unparalleled ease of use, effective protection and contemporary design in one package. Fitted with high-quality stainless steel and aluminium components, the Aberdeen Clear keeps the harsh surroundings away whilst you stay safe and comfortable.

The metal components keep the Aberdeen Clear taut no matter the conditions, and completely eliminate any flapping and moving around. What’s more is that you can control exactly how much it extends or retracts, depending on your requirement.

For the ultimate in ease of use, the Aberdeen Clear also comes with optional motorized control that lets you regulate conveniently using a remote control. This is in addition to the standard easy to use manual crank and gearbox operation, which has been designed to last for years with minimal maintenance.

FR 300 Clear

The FR 300 Clear is a simple and functional clear straight drop screen that can be used to protect a desired area from sun, rain, glare, dust and wind. An effective alternative to glass and cladding, the FR300 Clear can be used for both domestic and commercial applications, and comes in multiple control options.

You can opt for an additional remote-controlled motorized option to conveniently control the FR300 Clear for hassle-free operation, even though our tried and tested crank and gearbox system is super easy to use.

The FR 300 is perfect for use in cafes, porches, verandahs and balconies.

Rope & Pulley Clears

The Rope & Pulley Clear screens have been used all over the world, and are popular choices for home and work environments. Our systems have been specifically designed to keep modern sensibilities in mind, and use only the best materials.

In addition to the rope and pulley system to extend and retract the clear PVC material, there are also zippers embedded which allow you to bind and fasten the blinds together, whenever required. With the provision to secure the cord, this screen is perfect for use in a variety of establishments.

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