What are the features of a vertical sliding glass wall system?

  • This system has minimal frames. Only glass is visible, therefore maximising views
  • Smooth Operation. Large, heavy panels glide with ease
  • High Performance. High air/water resistance and thermal insulation
  • Motorised operation
  • Slim tracks designed to drain away water
  • The Horizontal profile is reinforced internally for high wind areas
  • Single, double or triple glazing available

What are the benefits of a guillotine glazed system?

  • High thermal insulation in profiles and frames, thus maximising energy and cost-efficiency
  • Extreme air and water resistance that is ideal for ocean fronts
  • 2-year guarantee warranty
  • Extreme reliability and durability, keeping maintenance to a minimum
  • Well suited for harsh environments and extreme weather conditions

Guillotine Glass System
Guillotine Glass System

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FAQ – Guillotine Glass System