BX Series Folding Arm Awnings

It is easy to see why the BX Series are the most popular in our range of Folding Arm Awnings. They are made of sturdy, high-quality materials and can cover extensive areas up to 7 metres wide, providing the ultimate in protection from the harsh Australian sun.

These high-quality awnings are perfect for use both at home and in commercial settings. With all hardware made from a durable aluminium alloy,  the BX Series blends contemporary design, reliability, and protection in one complete package. Both awnings in the BX Series have closed cassettes that protect the fabric and arm mechanisms when retracted. This guards against environmental degradation, providing maximum durability and longevity of the awnings.

Despite being compact, both models are available with automatic and/or manual control options. The automatic option features an efficient tubular motor, paired with a remote-control. An optional wind-sun sensor can automatically regulate the awning to account for wind speed and amount of sunlight. For manual operation, a crank and gearbox are used.

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Key Features

  • Contemporary yet compact designs
  • Low-Profile Cassettes for easy integration
  • Aluminium Alloy Arms & Hinges
  • Zinc-Plated Spring Steel Cables for maximum durability
  • Completely enclosed fabric & arm mechanisms on retraction
  • Angle range from 10° to 40°
  • Automatic and/or Manual Operation
  • 5-Year Guarantee Warranty
SWAS BX260 Folding Arm Awning


The BX270 Folding Arm Awning has a square hood and angular front rail.
This gives it a modern look that is suitable for application in a range of settings.


The hood and front rail of the BX260 Folding Arm Awning has a more organic shape than its BX270 counterpart.
The low profile of the BX260 cassette ensures that it blends in perfectly with any facade, providing a clean and sophisticated look.