What are the features of a folding arm retractable awning?

  • Sturdy and sleek, with various bracket options to suit many applications
  • Available as standard, semi cassette or full cassette
  • The cassette conceals the mechanism inside the headbox when retracted
  • Standard operation is by a crank (gear operation). Can be motorised and linked with optional sensors
  • Optional sun, rain, and wind sensors retract awning or extend awning for full optimisation and protection

What are the benefits of installing a folding arm awning?

  • Offers fantastic sun protection over large areas, with extension options up to 3 metres
  • Perfect for poolside backyards, courtyards, beer gardens, cafes, and facades facing the sun
  • Increases your property value
  • Our Folding Arm Awnings come with a 5-year guarantee warranty for your peace of mind

How do the optional sensors on a folding arm awning work?

  • The sun sensor is programmed to extend your awning when the sun is starting to hit the windows of your home. It will then retract your awning as the sun goes down.
  • A rain sensor is ideal for situations where your awning cannot be installed with a steep pitch. A suitable pitch (angle) is essential to allow rain to run off your awning. If the angle is too shallow, rain collects on the awning and stretches the fabric.
  • Another way the rain sensor can be used is when enough pitch is available on your awning. The wires on the sensor can then be reversed so that your awning actually extends when it begins to rain. This is ideal for keeping furniture and your outdoor area dry.
  • The wind (or motion) sensor is usually combined with the sun sensor, measuring both the level of the sun as well as wind speed. This type of sensor offers you the ultimate in automation, allowing protection for furniture and reducing heating costs in your home, whilst protecting your awning from damage.

BX 260 Folding Arm Awning
BX 260 Folding Arm Awning

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