Our Folding Arm Awnings range showcases the very best in shade design with solutions for any type of facade. Our awnings provide protection from the harsh Australian sun and can cover large areas – up to 7 metres in width!

They have an infinite number of installation options, including: against the wall,
against the roof truss, under a ceiling or under a balcony. The combination of drop, angle and installation height provide ultimate flexibility for your required amount of shade and light.

We have something for every space, sleek and elegant, or a traditional look. We pair this with an extensive choice of high-quality fabrics. Our products are ultraviolet (UV) resistant, with acrylic fabrics that filter over 90% of UV radiation (equivalent to factor 50 sunscreen). Our fabrics are treated with a water-repellent coating that deters dirt and grease, stops mould and will not rot.
• Prevents your interior fittings from fading and cools the interior of your home.
• Fantastic sun protection over large areas, with extension options up to 3.5 metres.
• Perfect for poolside backyards, courtyards, cafes, and facades facing the sun.
• Saves money on your energy bills and increases your property value.

Our products are manufactured using lightweight, durable acrylic fabrics.

When closed, these awnings retract into a compact package that sits neatly against the wall, giving you full control of your shade needs. We offer the following styles in our range: Semi Cassette, Full Cassette.

  • Semi Cassette – These sleek awnings can be placed under eaves or ceiling mounted. The fabric is protected from the weather when rolled up, adding longevity to both the fabric and the awning.
  • Full Cassette – The ultimate in our range, this design is ideal for large patios, pool side areas and terraces. When retracted, the fabric and mechanism are fully encased in the cassette, protecting the awning from damage caused by exposure to the elements. This not only allows you to choose how much shade the awning provides, it also significantly increases the lifespan of your awnings.

Operation is by manual crank handle mechanism or automated for extra convenience. With sun and wind sensors, your awnings will automatically retract in extreme weather. Motorised awnings can also be linked to a home automation system.

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