Bioclimatic Pergolas

Bioclimatic Pergolas are an adjustable louvered system that combines form and function. This unique system allows you to instantly adjust to sunlight and weather fluctuations manually, or with a remote control.

Our Bioclimatic Pergolas cover a vast array of specialities touching virtually all aspects of life. Civil, mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering are among the self-controls we include in our designs. In partnership with Rising Shading Systems, we bring you the very best in Bioclimatic system design and quality.

Bioclimatic Pergola

Retractable Roof Systems

Retractable Roof Systems (also called retractable pergolas) are the latest must-have trend for creating a distinctive outdoor room. You can’t control the weather, but you can control your lifestyle – get a climate advantage and put the power in your hands with smooth remote-control operation.

Precision engineering and architectural quality at an attractive price, sophisticated European know-how and Aussie smarts combine to offer you innovative technology. Add lighting, timber cladding, vertical blinds and heating as desired.  Read More

Guillotine Glass System

Vertical sliding guillotine glass wall systems are a modern solution for restaurants, cafes and balconies. It offers an unobstructed view, with a maximum clear span, no vertical frames and a minimalistic horizontal frame.

Guillotine glass walls are operated with remote control and can: Be opened at any amount for total control of natural ventilation, whilst assuring comfort from gusts of winds; Provide maximum comfort from heat, cold & noise. Function and simplicity are combined to provide ‘indoor comfort, outdoor freedom’ spaces.

Folding Arm Awnings

Effective and complete protection from the elements in a compact package, available in multiple custom designs.

Conservatory Awnings

Conservatory Awnings were originally designed in Europe for glass conservatories. As well as glass conservatories they are also commonly used for shade over pergolas and can also be fitted with posts. Suitable for both commercial and residential projects, they can be used in a wide variety of applications for protection from the sun.

Their system runs on tracks and the fabric retracts onto a roller tube into a cassette. The powder coated aluminium cassette protects the fabric when it is retracted.

Drop Arm Awnings

Manufactured to withstand harsh Australian conditions. With custom arms, shoulder and bracket shapes to suit most building types, heritage style architecture in particular. Automated operation provides maximum protection for inside curtains, décor and flooring. Fabrics contain high UV ratings to maximise sun protection. Your choice of automatic sensors maximises awning life and sun protection.

Straight Drop Awnings

Straight Drop Awnings are a traditional method to filter out the sun’s rays. They are a perfect solution to control UV or air flow.

They also provide privacy, adding a stylish and contemporary outdoor finish to your home, especially where space is at a premium. The sleek design and wide choice of fabrics makes these awnings particularly suited for modern open-plan living areas, allowing sun and light in during the day, and privacy and darkness during the evening or when you are not at home.

Shopfront Awning

Shopfront Awnings

Looking to rebrand? After a fresh finish? Give your shopfront a bright new look and advertise your services or products with our brilliant Shopfront Awnings.

External Venetian Blinds

External Venetian Blinds reduce the heating effects of solar radiation by up to 90% to create relaxing, comfortable interior spaces. Unlike textile blinds, external venetians can admit reflected light, resulting in light-filled working or living spaces and reducing the need for artificial lighting throughout the day. Through tilted venetian slats an external view and connection to the exterior is maintained on demand whilst privacy is preserved. When light levels drop external venetian blinds can automatically retract fully out of sight. This feature also provides easy access to the glass for cleaning.

External Venetian Blinds
Clear Straight Drop Screen

Clear Straight Drop Screens

Simple and affordable, Clear Straight Drop Screens, otherwise known as ‘Café Blinds’, offer both protection from the elements as well as privacy.


Make your years old awnings or screens look brand new with a wide range of materials and colours, even with custom fittings.