Seven Reasons Why Shopfront Awnings are A Great Fit for any Business

SWAS Shopfront Awning

A Shopfront Awning can boost your business in more ways than one. Besides providing aesthetic appeal to your building, they can serve a myriad of purposes and provide many benefits. Here, we look at seven reasons why Shopfront Awnings, or Outdoor Awnings, are great for any business.

1. First Impressions Count

An old saying, but very true! The first impression of your building and business holds immense value to your company and the way your customers view you. If you want to portray a clean, professional look, a Shopfront or Outdoor Awning can help you achieve this.

2. Hello Hello

Showcasing your business on your Shopfront Awning is a great way to advertise. It is also a great option for client-facing, street signage, giving your business a local presence.

3. Embrace the Space

An outdoor lounge area is great for waiting or alfresco customers. Consider installing a Shopfront or Outdoor Awning to gain a covered outdoor space where your customers can relax while they wait or enjoy the weather outside.

4. Taking Care of Business

Many people invest a lot of money and time into designing and building the inside of their business. Floor and furniture can be expensive, but they are important fixtures as they represent your business. When sunlight filters in through the window, it causes damage to your expensive fixtures. This is where an awning over your windows is a wonderful investment, it will protect your internal items from sun damage and keep your business looking on-point!

5. Keep Your Cool

Though you would love to see the sunlight streaming through your windows, it can cause damage and it can also raise the temperature, making the climate uncomfortable for your customers. A Shopfront Awning keeps the harsh rays of the sun out, as well as the heat. Reducing the heat that comes in through the windows on an extremely hot day will help to reduce the cooling and energy costs of your business.

6. Flaunt It!

Flaunting your style and unique brand can help attract potential customers. A beautiful awning can level up the style quotient for your building and your business. An awning can complement your building and surroundings and will certainly grab potential customers’ attention immediately. It also flaunts your business brand aesthetics.

7. Enhance Your Presence

Whether your business is inside a standalone building or even part of a larger complex, a Shopfront Awning can make your presence felt. An awning not only asserts your style statement, but it adds a different dimension to your aesthetic outlook. An awning can help build a presence and help your business to succeed, you will be pleasantly surprised at the impact it causes.

As you can see, these are just seven reasons why Shopfront Awnings are great for any business. They are a very positive investment for any company, large or small.

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Alpha Tubular Motors Now Available

Alpha Motors Logo with Pic of Products

Alpha Tubular Motors are now available on most of Southwest Awning Systems’ products measuring up to 6 metres wide. This specific option offers a reliable, intuitive motorization solution that is excellent quality, coupled with a realistic price-point.

The focus of Alpha Motors is providing genuinely high-quality motorization products that boast the sort of build quality and reliability that until now has only been available through certain European giants, but at a much more realistic price.

Alpha engineers all of their AC motors to last 25 years and each motor carries a 7-year replacement warranty. They boast some of the most elegant and flexible controllers on the market with programming that is super simple.

Southwest Awning Systems’ previous motor options are also available, making you spoilt for choice!

At Southwest Awning Systems, nearly all of our products have options to be motorised.

You can find out more about Alpha Tubular Motors here.

Change the Way You Utilise Your Outdoor Space

Whether you are having a dinner party, a Sunday barbeque, or the children are playing, you don’t have to restrict yourself indoors. And if you have a home with a patio, this is the best place in the house where you can enjoy summertime to the fullest. However, Australian summers can get extremely hot, not always ideal for spending time outside.
The addition of a Retractable Roof System can transform the look of your home, as well as change the way you utilise your outdoor space.

How a Retractable Roof System can Change the Way You Utilise Your Outdoor Space

Retractable Roof Systems are multi-purpose false roof systems, also known as retractable awnings or retractable pergolas. They provide a perfect option to change the way you utilise your outdoor living space. They are also a durable solution for your patio or deck. A retractable roof not only provides shade from the scorching sun and shelter from fickle weather, but does so much more. It can transform the look of your house and help you make the very best of your living space all year round.

Make your Living Space Bigger

A Retractable Roof System provides an extension to your existing living space. Undoubtedly, your house will look bigger and have extra room for other activities. A retractable roof will complete the look of your patio and give you a functional space where you can spend quality time with your family and friends. Now you can take birthday parties, family unions, and get-togethers outside and enjoy a few drinks by the open sky. Your additional living space will also ultimately increase the market value of your home.

Enhance the Décor of your House and improve Aesthetic Appeal

Take your imagination to the next level by decorating your outdoor space and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home. A well-designed outdoor area will give your home a magical appeal. If you decide to furnish your patio, a retractable roof system will also protect it from adverse weather. You need not worry about the heat of the sun or heavy rains. For Christmas or other special get-togethers, you don’t have to stay inside. With more space, you can celebrate elaborately with decorations to suit!

Lessen Electricity Expenditure and Impact on the Environment

A home with a Retractable Roof System has the added benefit of saving you money on electricity expenditure. A retractable roof system reduces energy costs as it prevents the house walls from soaking up the heat which can make the interiors hot and uncomfortable to sit in. A Retractable Roof System keep the sun rays from directly falling on the walls and heating them up. It keeps the temperature inside your home at a comfortable level throughout the day.

The Perfect Shade Options for Different Seasons

What is your idea of perfect outdoor styles? One that you see on the blogs, magazines and so on, You see beautiful pictures of huge outdoor kitchens, pretty-as-picture pergolas, lavish swimming pools et al. They entice you with their excellent designs and their depiction of ideal outdoor lifestyle. among all the different shading options retractable awnings are the perfect shade options.

Retractable Awnings

In order to make dreams turned into reality, you will have to know exactly what is it that you want and whether the same fits your budget. Of course, something that will complement your home both on architecture and aesthetic grounds.

When choosing a retractable awning, or any of the other shade solutions listed here, always make sure to do your research, there is no better place to start than right here.

Retractable Awnings over Other Shades

Retractable awnings are indeed the most popular choice amongst different kinds of awnings, and not without good reason as retractable awnings are well worth your time and investment. Find out different reasons that make retractable awnings such a popular choice.

  • Retractable awnings protect your homesRetractable awnings in Sydney or any sunny place across the world shields your family and home from the harmful UV rays of the sun. You can either use them when you need some bright lights during the colder months and retract them when the sun shines down upon you extra strength.
  • Retractable awnings provide you with privacy – Retractable awnings are a great way to shield your home from prying eyes. You can spend quality time with your family members and friends using your outside space, yet you won’t be disturbed by outsiders, thanks to retractable awnings.
  • Retractable awnings are attractive and functional – Retractable awnings are a great way to add color and texture to the outside of your home or business. You can let in just the amount of light you want by retracting them as per your wish.
  • Retractable awnings are long-lasting and durable – Made up of acrylic fabric they repel water and complements and beautifies the characteristic features of your home, and they are available in a number of shapes and sizes. They have a durable framework of your awning and are available in a number of colors such as ivory, white,  bronze, and camel colors.
  • Retractable awnings protect your furnitureRetractable awnings in Canberra have another benefit which proves to be particularly useful in protecting your furniture from the harsh rays of the sun. The furniture that you keep outside your home, gets degraded because of the unrelenting rays of the sun. Add retractable awnings to your home decor and you will be able to enhance the longevity of your precious furniture for a long time.

Retractable roof systems are now an integral part of your home décor, thanks to its wide number of benefits. Once you invest in them, they will serve you for years together with little maintenance. Pick and choose your favorite shade and install one today, and see how the outside of your home transforms for the good!

Retractable Awnings is the Right Choice – Know All the Reasons for its Rising Popularity

Retractable awnings the right choice? How much truth is there in this statement? Let’s find out in this article. Spending time outdoors during the hot, sultry months is unimaginable to most. Sometimes it may be even hard to sit near a West-facing window, thanks to the unbearable heat. So, you may find yourself looking for options that will help provide proper shade to your home.

You don’t have to rack your brains too much thinking about how to provide proper shade to your home, retractable awnings is a perfect solution that will block excessive heat from your patio and windows. You may be asking yourself, whether it is worth the investment? Absolutely! It goes without saying, find out why!


Benefits of Buying a Retractable Awning

You want to beautify and enhance the look of your outside area. Well, you don’t need to worry as retractable awnings will certainly come to your aid. And that’s not the only benefit, Retractable awnings in Melbourne and other parts of the world, where the weather is scorching most parts of the year, is the best option to invest in. The reasons are mentioned here in details.

  1. Providing Comfort and Safety with Your Awning

 Want to enjoy some fun in the sun on your patio? Well, then invest in a retractable awnings shade. Enjoy family time, doing a spot of barbecuing, or throw a birthday party for your little one. Awnings have the capacity for both large and small areas. You can also prevent peeping tops from peering in, yes, folding arm awnings or retractable awnings can give you the right amount of privacy.

  1. Awnings Help Save Money

You hate the unbearable heat that the sun envelops your home during the sultry afternoons, and hence you have to rely heavily on air conditioners to bail you out during these hours. But wait up! You can save your energy bills just by installing retractable roof systems! Imagine the amount of money you will be able to save? Month after month after month? As awnings are the best way to save on solar heat gain. Yes, almost by 77%.

  1. Enhance the Outdoors

Deck up your patio and the outside of your home in an effortless fashion, of course with the help of retractable awnings. It offers aesthetic value to your home with color and comfort to your outdoor living area. Not only does retractable awnings enhance the look of your home but it is a novel way of protecting the furniture outside from the unrelenting sun. So they do not get faded and you save money there. It keeps your patio and deck looking fresh for years together.  

Now, that you have got to know about the numerous benefits of retractable awnings! Why wait? Install one today and transform your home into a comfortable, aesthetically appealing haven!

When it Comes to Awnings, Why are Retractable Awnings the Number One Choice?

Whenever you come upon a plush magazine that boasts of exotic designs of beautiful houses and their inner and outer décor, don’t you look at them with admiring eyes, albeit wistfully. There are people who spend lakhs on their home décor and beautify their home with wonderful furniture, wallpapers, floorings and so on. But when it comes to decorating your patio with ultra expensive furniture and other assortments, what do you do to protect them or rather take care of them, especially from the vagaries of weather? The answer to the question is retractable awnings, yes it is a retractable awning not only beautifies your home but protects your home in more ways than one. this will answer your question why are retractable awnings indespensable for your home

The Right Retractable Awnings

This kind of awning can work without the help of any structural support. However, it is difficult to project roll retractable canopies for more than fifteen feet from a wall, tying them inextricably to the back of your home.  You can modify them to extend and go further, but they are prone to damage and affected by the slightest bad weather. Even a light drizzle and a swishing wind can affect them. In order to rectify this problem, there are a number of things which can be done and ideas that can be employed. The projection length can be reduced, the slope can be increased, the headroom can be decreased, or you can also retract the awning at the slightest inkling of bad weather.

The roll retractable awnings, which are a little less popular, are complemented with fixed frames. This awning can be used with an extra strong frame, which you can design on your own to provide proper coverage. It must be angled at about 15 degrees to protect it from heavy rains. The slope rounds off the headroom which lies below the lower side of the overhead system. It is not mandatory to fix it to a wall, as the full box frames off posts look a little unsightly.

The Different kinds of Retractable Awnings

There are two different kinds of retractable awnings: Lateral arm awning and Pivot arm awning.

Lateral Arm Awning

This kind of awning is more suited to decks or a patio. A lateral arm awning is much like the traditional store-front awnings in looks that you will spot New England towns. The best part of a lateral arm awning is that it is larger than its counterpart, the pivot arm awning, and can cover a huge area of about 18 to 30 feet.  Lateral arm awnings usually offer hand-cranked options, but most people tend to prefer the ones which are motorized and can be controlled easily.

Pivot Arm Awning

The pivot arm awning is also a retractable awning type that looks traditional but is quite popular. These are usually used in windows and can be controlled by the help of a spring-loaded pivoting arm that can extend and contract with ease. As it has more than one option to control the retractable awnings, such as ropes and motors, these kinds of awnings are more suited for buildings which are second storied.

If you do want to select a retractable awning best suited for your home, it will depend on a number of factors. Lateral arm awnings are best for large outdoor areas. Pivot arms are best suited for outside windows so that they can be opened and closed at your convenience.  Both types of retractable awnings in Sydney can be controlled manually as well as with the help of motors. You can create a customized look which is suited to your building, giving it a personality of its own.

Benefits of Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings protect your home from the harsh rays of the sun and light showers. They also increase the shelf life of your furniture, protecting them and preventing them from getting discolored. Retractable awnings are also very affordable. These are just some of the benefits of retractable awnings. The different options available also protect your home from wind damage. They are available in a number of colors, so you can pick and choose and amp up the look of your home, blending perfectly well with the décor of your home.

Advantages of Awnings for Home Improvement

We all want to escape from the relentless heat of summers! Even if we stay put in our home, the sultry sun manages to reach us even from our windows, streaming through the flimsy curtains. So how would you stun the sun in the peak summer season? Awnings can considerably mitigate solar heat gain that is the rising in temperature because of sunshine, by as much as 65 percent on windows facing southern sides and 77 percent on windows facing the western sides. What’s more your furniture will get respite too! And that is just a few of the advantages of using awnings for home improvement. There are so many more.

Home Awnings

Different Kinds of Awnings

Some of the retractable awnings in melbourne which are also known as stationary awnings are permanently fixed to the wall. The awning does not budge to offer more shade or less shade over the window. A stationary awning is very useful because it is very stable and gives you ample protection against the weather.  One thing that does not work in its favor is that you need to take pains to maintain it.  Smaller windows can do with stationary awnings as the awnings are convenient to move and can be opened or closed according to your will.  Retractable awnings, on the other hand, offer a wide variety of choices, but it is only suitable for larger windows.

For stationary awnings, there are some myriad styles to choose from. They are the crescent, dome, slope, oriental and waterfall, and styles. Choose the one that caters to your purpose and enjoys its many benefits.

Awnings Are Incredibly Practical 

Home window and door awnings are an incredibly practical solution to upgrade the style quotient of your home. Combining form and function it also protects you from Mother Nature.

Awnings, when matched with the fabric, pattern, and color of your home, create a stunning effect.  So, it serves two purposes, it is practical and it amps up the aesthetic value of your home.

 It is Affordable and it is Energy Efficient

 A home awning is an affordable way of improving the look of your home.  How’s that? Home awnings help save money as it reduces the use of air conditioners, thus helping you reduce your electricity bills.

 Home awnings cut down on heat gain significantly and slash down the cooling expenses.

Budget-friendly Way to make your Homes Aesthetically Appealing

Retractable awnings are easy on your pockets and they amp up your decor in myriad ways besides increasing the living space of your home. You can sit pretty on your sunlit porch enjoying a quiet read or even entertain your friends in the large area. As they say, it is the best of both worlds.

So if you are planning to give your home a fresh new lease consider amping the beauty quotient of your house with the help of window awnings.

How Awnings Can Increase Your Home’s Value

The one way to improve the appearance, appeal, and functionality of your home is with the help of an awning. Just by installing an awning you can transform the look of your home completely. Besides restoring the look of your home it can also protect your furniture outside, slash your energy bills and help you enjoy the outside weather while staying put in your home.

Home Awnings

Increase Home Values with Home Awnings

If you want to improve the value of your home and even sell your home to the highest bidder then focussing on the curb appeal does sound like a good idea.

You can put yourself in the shoes of the future owners of your home and just consider the fact which aspect of your home will appeal to your buyers the most? Adding a home awning can appreciate the value of your home quickly. It can serve your purpose in more ways than one.

The Practical Aspect of an Awning

Both home window and door awnings amalgamate form and function by immediately increasing the curb appeal of your home and provide you and your family from the harsh weather outside.

You can create customised solutions for your home and you can enhance your home décor by matching the fabric, pattern, and awning color according to your unique taste and architectural needs. You can choose from hundreds of color and pattern combinations to make your home unique and beautiful.

Awnings should be hardy and have an extended shelf-life so that they can protect you from harsher climes for years together.

It is an Affordable and Energy-Efficient Way to upgrade your Home

Sometimes the price tag can deter you from investing in an awning. You may think that it is just too expensive but you have to consider the fact that if you set off to remodel your home, it takes a neat sum of money to remodel any part of your home. Most remodelling does not come cheap, in comparison awnings are cheaper.

Home awnings besides being incredibly affordable can reduce your home energy drastically and hence you can save money, especially during the summer months on utility expenses.

Studies have substantiated that folding arm awnings in Melbourne reduced heat gain by almost over 50 percent, also awnings facing west can reduce heat gain by almost 75 percent or more!

Your home energy expenses spiral upward, come the heat of the summers. But awnings can reduce the heating and cooling expenses to a great extent. Since the installation of the awning can help cool down the temperature of your home considerably, thus you don’t have to keep your air-conditioners whirring all the time.

An Awning can spell out Value and Affordability

Retractable awnings are thankfully easy on the pockets. It is an affordable way to enhance the decor and liveability quotient of your existing patio or outdoor space.

If you are opting to buy retractable awnings in Sydney make sure you zero in on the most affordable, long-lasting, and of course! Aesthetically appealing window awnings or retractable awnings for your home. Get yourself that private space where you can while away indulgent hours on your porch soaking in the sun yet staying pretty comfortable under the shade of a retractable awning.


Tips for Choosing Awnings & Outdoor Blinds

Choosing the perfect outdoor awnings and café blinds are not at all easy, given there are so many different awning fabric styles and color to choose from. We bet if you are trying to buy the right awnings and outdoor blinds for your home you are feeling confused as to which awning or blind is exactly right for you. Don’t worry we have just the very tips for you to consider to buy the one awning and outdoor blind perfect for your home.

Outdoor Blinds

How to Choose the Perfect Outdoor Awnings and Outdoor Blinds

Before you choose the perfect folding arm awnings in Melbourne and outdoor blinds for your home, find out what are the factors you should think of before purchasing the right awnings and outdoor blinds for your home.

1. Location and Surroundings
If you are around coastal areas you can add awnings with bright color and tones. As you veer towards the forest and landscape areas you can settle for earthy tones and neutral stripes. This kind of awnings can blend in beautifully with your surroundings.

2. The main purpose for Buying the Awning or Blinds
You need to figure out why exactly you want to buy an awning and outdoor blinds, is it because you want to protect your home from the scorching sun or inclement weather? Is it because you want to protect your furniture or maybe because you want to keep the peeping toms at bay. Whatever the reason you can select the right colors to suit your purpose, for example, dark colour fabrics reduce the glare and lighter colours tend to reflect more sunlight and also the reduce the intense heat absorption.

If you are considering open weave fabrics it will definitely opt for clearer views but if you opt for weaved fabrics it can provide greater privacy. One fabric which is suitable for all kinds of weather is clear PVC. But it may have a shorter shelf life and get discoloured and can also shrink with time, so in such cases, you can use mesh fabrics as they offer visibility and protect your home from all kinds of weather.

3. Choose the right fabric or patterns which can blend with the surroundings-

You should select the right fabric colors and patterns which can blend with your indoor spaces beautifully, complementing your internal décor, spaces, and furnishings. So, the awnings and blinds will harmonize with the whole of the surrounding effortlessly.

4. Accurate Measurement
Still in doubt? Don’t worry seek the expertise of a trained professional. They can take accurate measurements and install your outdoor blinds when they visit your home or business, according to the style of blind which you are choosing. They will inspect your outdoor area and let you know which kind will suit your surroundings seamlessly.

Now you can select the right Outdoor awnings and café blinds according to your eclectic taste. They will not only enhance the look of your home but also protect you from all kinds of weather and also from the prying eyes of the passers-by.

Why You Should Have Stylish Blinds and Awnings in Your Home

Last summer I visited my uncle’s house and was mesmerized by their home décor! They had newly done up their house and completely changed the look of their home with cool awnings and beautiful and stylish blinds!

The design was excellent and the pop of color it added blending well with the green surroundings kind of elevated the design dream to another level. And since they live in Perth, Australia, which has dry summers and wet and cold winters the addition of awnings fulfilled the utility criteria beautifully. The awnings and blinds kept out the sun during those hot summer months and when it was winter it kept out the sudden downpours.

The Stylish Transformation

Yes, the awnings in Sydney or any part of the world can surely be regarded as decorative items at the first glance, but that does not mean they are not functional devices! In fact not only are they utilized as protection over exterior and interior doors and windows. What’s more, they are super convenient too as they are available in a wide selection of designs and can be readily installed without any problem. They are almost zero maintenance and whatever the weather they never fail to be handy and useful!

Cooling your Home Naturally

The first thing you notice about stylish blinds and outdoor awnings are of course their stunning exteriors. But you also realize that the devices when mounted over doors and windows can give you protection all the year round, whatever the weather.
So, with the natural light filtering in, you do not to use your artificial energy resources all the time and can also give your air conditioner a break. The awnings and the blinds can keep the temperature of the house under control.

Aesthetic Meets Practicality

Many homeowners love to choose awnings over outside doors as well as windows. Beautiful – looking awnings can boost up the style quotient of your home a notch higher. So you can jazz up your homes and refurbish it to wonderful aesthetic heights.
Even if you are trying to enhance the outside beauty of your home you can put up the awning and blinds as they naturally exude the ‘a la fresco’ look and experience.

UV protection

High-quality awnings need that protection from the sun which is coated with a UV resistant protective coating.
This extra coating not only helps to block out the sun’s harmful effects but also increases the shelf-life of the awning. This makes it easier to maintain the awnings as they can be easily cleaned with a regular garden hose.

Retractable Awnings

The retractable awnings not only look good but with their roll-up design or a hand crank, or a motorized version it helps lengthen or shorten the body of the awning catering to your whim and fancy.
So, if you are planning to buy either outdoor awnings or outdoor roller blinds, select one which suits your purpose and of course your individualistic taste. Available in myriad colors and materials, it is just the kind of home décor elements you need to deck up your home and give your home the makeover it deserves!