BX270 Folding Arm Awning

The BX270 is a high-quality folding arm awning, perfect for use both at home and in commercial establishments. With arms, casing and hinges made from a durable aluminium alloy, it blends contemporary design, reliability and protection all in the one package.

Despite being compact, the BX270 is available with automatic and manual control options. Electric operation is via a tubular motor controlled by a remote-control unit. This also features a wind-sun sensor which automatically regulates the awning depending on wind speed and sunlight. For manual operation, a crank and gearbox can also be used.

We’ve extensively tested each mechanism on the BX270 so that you are guaranteed trouble-free smooth operation for years to come, despite the weather conditions and usage pattern. For maximum durability, the fabric and arm mechanisms are completely enclosed within the casing upon retraction to protect them against environmental degradation. We provide a 5-Year Guarantee so once you buy a BX 270, there’s nothing to worry about for a long time!

The low profile of the BX270 series cassette ensures that it blends in perfectly with the building for a clean and sophisticated look. The long-lasting fabric cover has been extensively tested to protect against wind, dust, sunlight and snow which can be cleaned using minimal effort. Available in multiple sizes and customizable for different angle ranges, the BX270 is perfect for a wide range of applications, both domestic and commercial.

BX270 Key FeaturesBX270 Folding Arm Awning 5-Year Guarantee Warranty

  • Tested for over 20,000 Movements
  • Optional Wind and Sun Sensor
  • Contemporary yet Compact Design
  • Low Profile Cassette for Easy Integration
  • Made from the Highest Quality Materials
  • Angle range from 10° to 40°
  • Available in 5 Standard Sizes – 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 or 3.5 metres (Custom Build also Available)
  • Automatic, Electric and Manual Operation
  • Zinc Plated Spring Steel Cables for Maximum Durability
  • Aluminium Alloy Arms and Hinges
  • Completely Enclosed Fabric and Arm Mechanisms on Retraction
  • 5-Year Guarantee Warranty