Alpha Tubular Motors Now Available

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Alpha Tubular Motors are now available on most of Southwest Awning Systems’ products measuring up to 6 metres wide. This specific option offers a reliable, intuitive motorization solution that is excellent quality, coupled with a realistic price-point.

The focus of Alpha Motors is providing genuinely high-quality motorization products that boast the sort of build quality and reliability that until now has only been available through certain European giants, but at a much more realistic price.

Alpha engineers all of their AC motors to last 25 years and each motor carries a 7-year replacement warranty. They boast some of the most elegant and flexible controllers on the market with programming that is super simple.

Southwest Awning Systems’ previous motor options are also available, making you spoilt for choice!

At Southwest Awning Systems, nearly all of our products have options to be motorised.

You can find out more about Alpha Tubular Motors here.

When it Comes to Awnings, Why are Retractable Awnings the Number One Choice?

Whenever you come upon a plush magazine that boasts of exotic designs of beautiful houses and their inner and outer décor, don’t you look at them with admiring eyes, albeit wistfully. There are people who spend lakhs on their home décor and beautify their home with wonderful furniture, wallpapers, floorings and so on. But when it comes to decorating your patio with ultra expensive furniture and other assortments, what do you do to protect them or rather take care of them, especially from the vagaries of weather? The answer to the question is retractable awnings, yes it is a retractable awning not only beautifies your home but protects your home in more ways than one. this will answer your question why are retractable awnings indespensable for your home

The Right Retractable Awnings

This kind of awning can work without the help of any structural support. However, it is difficult to project roll retractable canopies for more than fifteen feet from a wall, tying them inextricably to the back of your home.  You can modify them to extend and go further, but they are prone to damage and affected by the slightest bad weather. Even a light drizzle and a swishing wind can affect them. In order to rectify this problem, there are a number of things which can be done and ideas that can be employed. The projection length can be reduced, the slope can be increased, the headroom can be decreased, or you can also retract the awning at the slightest inkling of bad weather.

The roll retractable awnings, which are a little less popular, are complemented with fixed frames. This awning can be used with an extra strong frame, which you can design on your own to provide proper coverage. It must be angled at about 15 degrees to protect it from heavy rains. The slope rounds off the headroom which lies below the lower side of the overhead system. It is not mandatory to fix it to a wall, as the full box frames off posts look a little unsightly.

The Different kinds of Retractable Awnings

There are two different kinds of retractable awnings: Lateral arm awning and Pivot arm awning.

Lateral Arm Awning

This kind of awning is more suited to decks or a patio. A lateral arm awning is much like the traditional store-front awnings in looks that you will spot New England towns. The best part of a lateral arm awning is that it is larger than its counterpart, the pivot arm awning, and can cover a huge area of about 18 to 30 feet.  Lateral arm awnings usually offer hand-cranked options, but most people tend to prefer the ones which are motorized and can be controlled easily.

Pivot Arm Awning

The pivot arm awning is also a retractable awning type that looks traditional but is quite popular. These are usually used in windows and can be controlled by the help of a spring-loaded pivoting arm that can extend and contract with ease. As it has more than one option to control the retractable awnings, such as ropes and motors, these kinds of awnings are more suited for buildings which are second storied.

If you do want to select a retractable awning best suited for your home, it will depend on a number of factors. Lateral arm awnings are best for large outdoor areas. Pivot arms are best suited for outside windows so that they can be opened and closed at your convenience.  Both types of retractable awnings in Sydney can be controlled manually as well as with the help of motors. You can create a customized look which is suited to your building, giving it a personality of its own.

Benefits of Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings protect your home from the harsh rays of the sun and light showers. They also increase the shelf life of your furniture, protecting them and preventing them from getting discolored. Retractable awnings are also very affordable. These are just some of the benefits of retractable awnings. The different options available also protect your home from wind damage. They are available in a number of colors, so you can pick and choose and amp up the look of your home, blending perfectly well with the décor of your home.

How Retractable Awnings Better than Normal Awnings?

If you are thinking of decorating your home, you must add awnings. Awnings are not only a wonderful addition to your home; it enhances the beauty of your home and also protects the outside furniture from the harsh sun.  What’s more, it also controls the temperature of the house. There are two kinds of awnings retractable and fixed. Between the two kinds of awnings which kind of awnings is perfect for your house? This article will help you, find that out.

retractable awnings canberra

Pros of Having a Permanent Awning

Fixed awnings have been there for ages. It gives your home protection from the sun and inclement weather.  A fixed awning is attached to your home permanently and you can bank on it to give you ample protection from the vagaries of weather. If you happen to live in a place which is perpetually sunny, you may opt for a permanent awning, to stun the sun. Fixed awnings are pretty affordable, so it works for you. Also, saves you the hassle of constantly putting it up and then bringing it down.

Cons of Having a Permanent Awning

The disadvantage of a permanent awning is, well, just the fact that it is permanent.  Once you have got it fixed it is there for some time and you cannot do anything about it. Also, if you get hit by the extremely bad weather, like a storm, you won’t be able to remove it.

Pros of Having Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings protect your home in more ways than one, but what particularly works in its favor, is it can be removed as and when you want to remove it. For example, you can use it to protect your home from the harsh sun rays and on days, which are not too hot or on days when the days the weather is unpleasant, you can retract it.

Cons of Having Retractable Awnings 

The only downside of having retractable awnings Canberra is that it is pretty expensive.  You might have to think twice before buying the awning as it can cause a dent on your pocket.

How would you choose an Awning for your Home?

When you go out to buy an awning, you need to keep several things in mind, and the things you should ask yourself are like, do you want an awning whose mechanism is easy to master? Or you would rather buy an awning which can be easily retracted with a click of a button?

For all practical purposes, an awning is a welcome addition to your home as besides adding to the aesthetic value of your home, it can be a viable extension to your home, where you can sit outside, enjoy the sun, and yet not get too affected by the scorching sun.

Also, whether you choose a permanent awning or a retractable awning Sydney all depends on your budget and the purpose of your buying an awning.  So, take time to select the right awning for your home, with so many options available, you must be rather spoilt for choice!