Window Awnings

Window Awnings serve the dual purpose of protecting indoors from the harsh sunlight, and can also be used to completely cover windows if you require privacy. Available in multiple color options, with optional valance, hood, wind-sun sensor and more,  window awnings from Southwest provide unprecedented UV protection without making the indoors seem dark and dingy.



The FR600 is a versatile and elegant drop arm awning that helps protect your windows from letting in the harsh sunlight, UV rays. Made from the best quality materials and combining contemporary design with functional aesthetics, the FR600 can perfectly blend into any home or work environment.  Read More.

Federation Awning


The Federation Awning is an evolution of the well-known drop arm awning, combining contemporary design, effective sun protection, functional aesthetics and a bold, fashionable look. Perfect for use in both homes and commercial establishments, the Federation Awning is designed and manufactured right here in Australia specifically for her conditions.  Read More.