How to Prepare Your Roof and Make it Winter-Ready

Are you winter-ready? Or for that matter have you made your roofs ready so that they can tackle the cold and snow. Yes, you have to prevent leaks and other roof issues before the cold weather hits you.Check out the  ways to prepare your flat roof and how to prepare your roof and make it winter-ready.

 Try for a roof inspection

Start with a professional to inspect your roof. A licensed contractor will be able to walk your roof and find out any damage. It is best to solve the niggling roof issues right at the onset, as when the ice makes a dent in the roof, you will be caught off guard. Regular inspection can prevent that. Some of the problems that your contractor should watch out for are open or loose seams, cracked caulking, and failed sealants, gaps and separations, punctures in the membrane and so on.

 Keep your roof and gutters clean

 While you let your roof to be inspected, try doing your bit too by keeping the roof and the gutters clean. Things such as branches, trash, leaves, equipment should be promptly removed from the roof. Things such as spare equipment or loose branches on your roof, can puncture your roof membrane and let the water seep into your roof. Also, when the snow melts off, it should find a way to drain off.

 Keep a tab on the surrounding areas

It’s not only about your roof and facility, but the surrounding areas too which can impact your roof. Look out for trees and buildings that can affect your roof during the winter season. Get a retractable roof pergola  to protect your roof, especially during the winter season


If your home is surrounded by trees and branches hanging over and around your facility it can cause a potential hazard. The snow can weight upon the trees and it can break off and land straight into your roof.

 Buildings around you

If there are a number of buildings around you it may drift from their roof to your roof. Keep an eye on stray branches falling into your roof and sweep them away, keeping your roof squeaky clean.  

 Prepare well before the onset of the season

 It is better to cater to the problem before it grows big, for example, the smallest leaks may grow into a big one if it is not treated right at the onset. Once the water seeps into the roofing system it can affect your roof, considerably, it can start a mold or bring about structural damage. Start with your action plan now. In the eventuality of a leakage call the roof inspector to fix things up really quickly.

Protect your roofs with retractable roof system in Melbourne or any part of the world and get winter ready. Taking care of a few basic things can go a long way in keeping your roof in great condition for years together.








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