The Ideal Window Covering for Your Home

There are scores of aesthetic-looking custom-made window coverings that add a beautiful element to your windows. They transform the look of your home from being boring, mundane to aesthetically appealing and a visual delight. 

Check out these unique features of the below-mentioned window treatments such as federation awning and clear straight drop screens.

FR300 Straight Drop

Types of Custom Made Window Coverings

Roman shades
Roman shades are a blend of functionality and aesthetic looks, the appearance of soft drapery is what enhances the look of the home. It has a continuous piece of fabric which has horizontal folds along the entire length of the shade. Shutters add the extra elegance to your home.

Shutters are a wonderful classic window treatment choice that adds the perfect architectural design to your windows. Shutters look great both inside and outside.

Solar shade window treatments
Solar shades are also known as the “window sunglasses” mainly because of the opaque design that helps enhance your outside view and controls the sunlight streaming inside your home. They limit the sunlight but do not limit your view.

Wood blinds
Wood blinds are much beyond current fads and trends, they are a perennial favorite with people who have a penchant for classic styles. They are a made of real wood combining grains and stains and they are a durable choice. Wooden blinds blend beautifully with other wood furniture.

Faux wood blinds
If you are looking for a more affordable option then Faux wood blinds are the perfect option. They are made of vinyl, PVC, or composite wood material. These kind of blinds are usually moisture resistant and are a great option for kitchens and bathrooms.

Cellular shades
Cellular shades are great insulators and are particularly energy-efficient window treatments. Their insulating properties stem from their fabric honeycomb cells that trap the air right between the window and the room. So, it means a double benefit that it keeps the home warm during winters and cool during summers.

Woven wood shades
Woven wood shades are made out of a number of materials such as reeds, grasses, and bamboo. These textured shades make your space look all natural and environment-friendly. Adding liners increase privacy and the further addition of fabric trims elevate the look of the rooms to a great extent.

Panel track blinds
Panel track blinds make a lot of fabric panels that are pretty convenient as it slides back and forth and helps exercise light control and privacy too.These are great substitutes for vertical blinds that cover big windows and/or sliding glass doors.

Roller shades
Roller shades are great affordable solutions when it comes to the look of your windows. These can be neatly rolled up into a tube and they are far easier to use as they look discreet and minimal when raised. What’s more, they have light-filtering options that help you control the amount of light you would like to permeate through the roller shades and inside the room.

Sheer shades
Sheer shades are the perfect window covering, as they look elegant and pretty. This kind of window coverings has soft fabric vanes covered with sheer fabric facings.

When the vanes are open you let in the diffused light and yet you are able to enjoy a peek outside without your privacy hindered in any way. When you close it you will be able to darken the room completely with room-darkening styles of sheer shades.

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