Looking at Trends in Home Decor and Furniture

Home Decor and Furniture

Are you thinking of buying your dream home? Or have you already bought it?
The next step is to decorate your your indoor/outdoor living area in a way that reflects your innate personality and style.
Give your outdoor living space the look of luxury with these home decor ideas. While comfort is key, you should also consider the latest trends. Whether you add outdoor blinds or a retractable sunroof to enhance the outside of your home, you need to add exactly the right things to increase the aesthetic appeal.
Here we take a look at the top trends in home decor and furniture.

The pastel-hued look

This creates a beautiful appearance combining an earthly feel and class. It spells out graciousness and fuses old-world charm with hospitality.

Combining different metals

Silver and nickel hues are creating a big ripple in the décor world.

Stunning add-ons

Create a striking effect with fringing, macramé, tufting, tassels or feathers. These elements are all crowding the décor market. Customize your space with cushions, throws, rugs and accessories. This adds a beautiful handmade quality to your living space. Spice up the walls with wall-hangings to increase value.

Kid’s Room ice-cream shades

Gelato colours are on-trend when it comes to interiors and fashion.


Geometric shapes look beautiful on cushions and rugs. Geometric prints are also big on tiles and wallpaper. Why not incorporate them in the shower or on a kitchen splashback.


This can be used in different ways. Use the tone-on-tone effect on rugs, cushions, and bedding, almost everywhere. This watercolor style works well on lampshades and artwork. Once you have selected the right colours, you can coordinate your accessories to enhance the wall colors, combining solid colours and prints.

Natural textures

These are a great way to enhance the décor of your home.  Walls can mimic different natural components such as bricks, cane, mud, rattan or stone chips. A wooden-style wall and flooring is a great way to complement the look, they help amp up your interior. Use your all-wooden furniture and cane sofas to sync with your apartment.

You can add other elements such as window awnings, pergolas, or retractable sunroofs to complement the outside look of your home. This will also protects you from adverse weather conditions and shield your furniture from the scorching sun.V

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5 Questions to Ask When Choosing Outdoor Blinds for today?

Trying to upgrade your outdoor space with outdoor roller blinds? We know it cannot be easy to do, as there are hundreds of options to choose from, also you want to choose one which is customised to your needs and matches your home décor. Also, you need it to be practical so that it can be operated easily. So, you see, you need to look into a lot of aspects before you make that purchase. We don’t want your purchase experience to be too hard for you and so we thought how about making things easy for you? These 5 questions will help you purchase the outdoor blinds without any hassle! Let us go down to the five questions which each one of you should ask yourself before zeroing in on the purchase.

outdoor blinds

1. Which should I choose? Motorised or manual outdoor blinds?

Both the choices for outdoor blinds or café blinds, manual and motorised can serve your purpose. But while both types of outdoor blinds will provide the shade and protection you require, consider the following factors to make that correct choice. The chief difference that separates the motorised from the manual blinds is how they are operated. Motorised blinds can be operated electronically by a fixed switch or even a remote control, while a crank system helps operate a manual blind. Though motorised blinds are the easier one to operate. They are also pretty expensive so choose the one that suits your budget.

2. The different kinds of outdoor blind designs- which are the ones you can buy.

There a range of outdoor blind designs available which you can choose from. The different kinds of choices are HD channel blinds, slide track blinds and clip outdoor blinds. The HD channel blinds are a good choice to be used in patio areas of homes and businesses. The versatile crank & clip blinds are also ideal choices to be used in challenging installations and areas. The slide track blinds are a great choice when you want to create an invisible and sleek appearance. That’s not all there are other outdoor blind styles to choose such as roof to fence blinds, wire guide blinds, and external window blinds.

3. Different materials to be used in outdoor blinds- Which one to choose?

Mostly outdoor blinds are manufactured from acrylic materials, mesh fabrics and PVC’s, and are usually available in a wide range of colors, also the quality varies according to the different manufacturers. The different features to look out for are good quality, boasts of UV protection, outdoor fabrics that won’t wear or tear easily and also protects from rain and wind.

4. Focus on the quality of the products-What are the good quality products?

A good quality outdoor blind is not only made with quality fabrics but it will also fit your outdoor area perfectly. Besides taking a good look at the quality of fabrics, find out more about the electronic and remote systems, the quality of operating system elements which are straps, cranks, clips and locking features, besides of course the workmanship and installation process.

5. Are these the best outdoor blinds system?

Any outdoor roller blinds which have the following features such as comfort, an aesthetic appeal can qualify as a good outdoor blinds system. Choose an outdoor blind supplier who will provide perfect quality outdoor blinds. Look out for other factors like product customisation, workmanship and installation turnaround times.

When you have asked yourself these 5 questions you will be able to decide which the outdoor blinds tailor-made for your needs are. Go ahead and make the right choice!


Choosing the Perfect Outdoor Blinds for your area

For most of us, the definition of perfect weather is the sun shining down us and there is not a speck of cloud in the sky. The onset of summer greets us with lovely weather, just the kind of weather you would love to spend out in the sun. But yes, soon the scorching sun becomes unbearable and you do not want to expose yourself to such harsh weather conditions. 

So, now you want to protect yourself and your home from such harsh weather conditions and outdoor blinds should be your perfect go-to to shield you from the vagaries of weather. So how would you choose the perfect outdoor blinds and shades? There are several criteria which help to decide the right outdoor blinds and shades.

outdoor blinds

  1. So why do you need to purchase an outdoor blind?

If you want to protect your home? Or you want to protect your outside furniture? Or perhaps you want to extend the outdoor area? If it is a resounding yes for most of the questions then perhaps it is time for you to buy outdoor blinds for your home.

  1. The weather

 In summer you would want to protect yourself from the harsh rays of the sun and when it is not so hot you would much rather seek shelter from the wind and rain.  So, you can choose the perfect outdoor blind solution to protect yourself from the fickle weather conditions.

  1. How easily can you handle the blinds?

If the weather is particularly harsh and you find it difficult to remain outdoors then blinds are the perfect way to protect you from the extremities of weather.

Then you can zero in on a permanent or retractable outdoor blind option and learn how to operate them.  When you are facing bad weather you can use awnings, blinds and patio and alfresco motorized shades which will be easily extended and retracted with the touch of a button.

  1. Type of fabrics customised to suit a different kind of blinds

The type of fabric you choose for your blinds varies from place to place. So if you choose a PVC material it will give you protection from inclement weather and at the same time, it will allow the natural light to filter in and enter the outdoor space.

But PVC may not be the ideal choice for warm weather or for places where it is too windy. The right alternative, in this case, will be to install mesh blinds. Mesh is a perfect fabric as it can combat the effects of the sun in summer and also protect you from cold winds and rain in winter. Then there are the canvas blinds which are not only durable but also offer a high level of UV protection like the acrylic fabrics.  Choose the right blind made of the perfect fabric so that it can cater to your requirements perfectly. 

outdoor roller blinds

  1. Makes your home more energy efficient

 Outdoor blinds and awnings can be used to make your home more energy efficient particularly in summer when you need to put on your air conditioner most of the time to bring down the temperature of your home. Blinds are pretty functional as they can help block up to 35% of the suns harsh rays of the sun.

So, this way you can reduce the usage of the air-conditioner and thus save on the excessive expenditure on energy consumption.

So, if you follow the above points you will find that choosing the perfect outdoor blinds may not seem such a daunting task for you. Go ahead, choose the right  outdoor roller blinds for your home or café blinds for your shop and you will be stunned at the transformation!

Why Having Stylish Outdoor Blinds & Awnings is a Great Idea

What’s the first thing that you notice in a house? Among other things, you do notice the décor of the house. The more unique the décor the more it catches your eye.

Awnings in Melbourne or blinds in any other part of the world can elevate the look of your home to great heights. Of course! when you enhance the look of your home with the outdoor blinds and awnings you need to take into account several things liked the varying weather conditions. When you want to make your home beautiful and unique consider adding blinds and awnings to your home not only to weather-protect your home but also give it the distinct look you so crave for.

Outdoor Awnings

How Outdoor Awnings Add Different Elements to Home Décor

How to awnings and blinds completely change the way your home looks? In several ways really, they help to decorate your home and can make it pretty functional as well. Here we will explore the number of ways that awnings can change the way your home looks.

  • Awnings and blinds can enhance the beauty of your home

We know that awnings are decorative and functional devices that can be utilised as covering of all your exterior and interior doors and windows. As they are available in a number of designs, they are pretty easy to install and can be maintained easily. 

Awnings and blinds helps control the temperature in the home and even when the sun is not shining in all its resplendent glory and you are caught unawares by sudden bad weather, a blind or an awning will bail you out.

  • Awnings and blinds are natural ways to control the temperature

Blinds and awnings are usually shaped into designs that are rather eye-catching. The devices are usually mounted over doors and windows so that you are not only protected from harsh sunlight, snow, rain and other extreme weather conditions.

This kind of devices helps you to use natural light and also helps you to turn off your air conditioner for once as it cools down the temperature of your home.

  • Awnings and blinds can lend a touch of style and practicality to your home

There are many households that prefer awnings over outside doors as well as windows. Stylish looking awnings not only adds style to your home but can up the visual interest of your home considerably and can even deck up a plain façade.

  • Protects from the harmful UV rays of the sun

Awnings which are high on quality are usually coated with a UV resistant protective coating. This extra layer of coating can not only help to block out the sun’s harmful effects but will also increase the shelf life of the awning. The protective coating can help make the whole job of maintaining the outdoor awnings a whole lot easier, just use your garden hose and you are good to go.

  • Retractable or fixed awnings -pick your choice

There are myriad styles which can make the use of awnings all the more functional.  Some of the styles have roll up design which you can use either with the help of a hand crank or a motorised version, that lengthens and shortens the awning and you can use it just the way you like it.

So, get your awnings in Canberra or outdoor roller blinds in Australia or any part of the world. as soon as you can and you will be wondering why you haven’t installed it all these years? You will definitely feel the difference, they are in fact the perfect embodiment of aestheticism and utilitarianism.

Choosing the Right Blinds and Awnings for Your Outdoor Space

In recent years the importance of sunshades and retractable awnings have increased by leaps and bounds. Right from business owners and homeowners have utilised the same to deck up their homes to enhance and improve the functionality and appeal of their outside spaces in more ways than one.

Well, as you know it is not only about the aesthetic value that the awnings and the blinds add to their homes but it also has a wide number of other usages as well. For example, the heat transfer to just make the room a little more functional, blinds and awnings are what will you call versatile and convenient solutions to transform the look of your home.

If you’re buying them for the very first, there are three things that you must absolutely bear in mind when you set out to purchase your new sun shade, awning and/or blinds.


The Right Solution for your Home- Select the Right Outdoor Awnings

When you select the right outdoor awnings the first thing that you have to take into account is the location in relation to the sun.

The north-facing openings receive a higher angle of the sun during the scorching summers and therefore need a narrower overhead shading device than the ones on the east or west-facing openings.

Rather than going for anything else, all you require is fixed horizontal shading above the north-facing glazing. You have several options for that such as awnings, eaves and pergolas with louvres set to the perfect angle.

East and west-facing openings need another approach. You will require adjustable shading, such as external blinds for this kind of elevations.

Perfect Colours for Outdoor Awnings

You cannot just go ahead and select any outdoor roller blind or outdoor awning for your home. As you need to select the right shade which matches to the existing colour scheme of your home. This should merge very well with the existing interior or exterior.

The colours to consider are the neutral colours like white, cream and beige, which are the safest options for outdoor awnings in Sydney or any part of the world, as these will not only effortlessly blend well with the décor of the room also it will enhance the features of your home.

But then perhaps you do not want to play safe.  If neutral colours are not quite your thing you can think of bolder colours, especially when your rooms are large and light pastel shades when your rooms are smaller.

Effective Shading to Block the Harsh Sun Rays

Much of the heat that is produced by the sun can be amplified by the glass of your windows.  So you won’t be able to completely block the sun rays. So, you need exterior shades to block the sun’s rays before they hit the window. This cools down the temperature considerably, making the air inside much cooler, perfect for those super hot days when, even the interiors of the home become unbearably hot.

Now, that you have decided to install blinds, or awnings for your outdoor space, go ahead choose the perfect one for your home and stun the sun the stylish way.

Why You Should Have Stylish Blinds and Awnings in Your Home

Last summer I visited my uncle’s house and was mesmerized by their home décor! They had newly done up their house and completely changed the look of their home with cool awnings and beautiful and stylish blinds!

The design was excellent and the pop of color it added blending well with the green surroundings kind of elevated the design dream to another level. And since they live in Perth, Australia, which has dry summers and wet and cold winters the addition of awnings fulfilled the utility criteria beautifully. The awnings and blinds kept out the sun during those hot summer months and when it was winter it kept out the sudden downpours.

The Stylish Transformation

Yes, the awnings in Sydney or any part of the world can surely be regarded as decorative items at the first glance, but that does not mean they are not functional devices! In fact not only are they utilized as protection over exterior and interior doors and windows. What’s more, they are super convenient too as they are available in a wide selection of designs and can be readily installed without any problem. They are almost zero maintenance and whatever the weather they never fail to be handy and useful!

Cooling your Home Naturally

The first thing you notice about stylish blinds and outdoor awnings are of course their stunning exteriors. But you also realize that the devices when mounted over doors and windows can give you protection all the year round, whatever the weather.
So, with the natural light filtering in, you do not to use your artificial energy resources all the time and can also give your air conditioner a break. The awnings and the blinds can keep the temperature of the house under control.

Aesthetic Meets Practicality

Many homeowners love to choose awnings over outside doors as well as windows. Beautiful – looking awnings can boost up the style quotient of your home a notch higher. So you can jazz up your homes and refurbish it to wonderful aesthetic heights.
Even if you are trying to enhance the outside beauty of your home you can put up the awning and blinds as they naturally exude the ‘a la fresco’ look and experience.

UV protection

High-quality awnings need that protection from the sun which is coated with a UV resistant protective coating.
This extra coating not only helps to block out the sun’s harmful effects but also increases the shelf-life of the awning. This makes it easier to maintain the awnings as they can be easily cleaned with a regular garden hose.

Retractable Awnings

The retractable awnings not only look good but with their roll-up design or a hand crank, or a motorized version it helps lengthen or shorten the body of the awning catering to your whim and fancy.
So, if you are planning to buy either outdoor awnings or outdoor roller blinds, select one which suits your purpose and of course your individualistic taste. Available in myriad colors and materials, it is just the kind of home décor elements you need to deck up your home and give your home the makeover it deserves!