Benefits of a Retractable Roof System

Reno Retractable Roof System

Retractable Roof Systems (also known as retractable pergolas or retractable awnings) are the newest trend in outdoor living. They create a unique and distinctive ‘open-air room’. It is very versatile and therefore caters to a number of applications, including homes, restaurants, cafes and other business areas.

The modern roof systems add a new dimension and style to any residential or commercial exterior. They are practical, long-lasting and user-friendly. They are also a great way to add a touch of luxury to your home or property at the best value for money. In turn, a Retractable Roof System is a great investment for your home or business.

There are just so many benefits of a Retractable Roof System and choosing to install one in your home.
Here, we explore some of the benefits and our options in more detail.


One of the prime benefits of a Retractable Roof System is flexibility. When completely closed, the system allows full block-out shade from the sun or protection from wind and rain. When retracted entirely, it allows sunlight in. Also perfect for night-time entertaining and stargazing during warmer months. There is also the option of partial closure, allowing the perfect amount of sun and warmth in-between seasons. Making adjustments is not only flexible, but also fast and easy with the touch of a button.

Complete Rain Protection

A completely closed Retractable Roof from Southwest Awning Systems is 100% watertight, so you don’t have to worry about wet weather! Our Retractable Roof Systems have an in-built guttering system to drain water away, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space whenever you want to, even in the heaviest downpours.

Expanded Living Area

A Retractable Roof will expand the living area of your home. It will also expand your seating area and create more functioning space, like a beautifully sheltered alfresco area. This gives you a very practical solution for modern-day entertaining, whilst creating an exceptional space for your home that is both comfortable and climate-controlled. At Southwest Awning Systems, we have a variety of styles of Retractable Roof Systems with additional elements that can be integrated into any area and surrounds. We can match your existing colour scheme, blurring the borders between indoor and outdoor living. Our expert manufacturers can custom-build your Retractable Roof System to perfectly suit any special requirements.

Protected Furniture and Fittings

Your furniture, fittings and fabrics will fade, and even shrink, when exposed to bad weather. A Retractable Roof will guard your furnishings against the damaging effects of the sun, wind and rain, and keep them looking good for much longer. Protection can also extend to belongings and furnishings inside your home if your system is installed to block sunlight entering through your windows.

Electronic Operation

All Southwest Retractable Roof Systems are built with state-of-the-art motorised controls that allow remote operation via the simple touch of a button. For added convenience, automate your system for opening and closing by adding wind and sun sensors.

Durability to Withstand Australian Weather Conditions

We manufacture our Retractable Roof Systems using high-quality industrial grade materials, including stainless steel, powder-coated aluminium and strong weatherproof fabrics. We build our systems to last and back them with our Guarantee Warranties. They are strong enough to withstand the test of time against the most extreme weather conditions and harsh Australian sun. Our systems are also UV resistant, making them suitable for both coastal areas and cities.

Easy Combination with Outdoor Blinds

We have Retractable Roof System options that will fit in with your current outdoor blinds. They can also be installed together with other products from Southwest Awning Systems’ vast range of shade solutions, giving you complete control over wind, rain, heat and glare from every angle. We can also custom-match the colours of all products, creating a unique and beautiful outdoor living space for your home.

Additional Lighting

Southwest Awning Systems can install LED Lighting Systems into your Retractable Roof that are not only functional, but also create a warm and pleasant atmosphere that is perfect for night-time use and entertaining.

Increased Home Value

As well as creating additional living space, a Retractable Roof will add instant value to your home. Your home will gain a stylish entertaining area and advance your lifestyle and outdoor living.

Reduced Energy Costs & Impacts on the Environment

Installation of outdoor shade protection systems provides your home with excellent insulation against heat and cold. In addition to keeping living areas at a comfortable temperature throughout the year, a Retractable Roof System will also help you to save money on heating and cooling costs, whilst lessening your impact on the environment.
As you can see, there are just so many benefits of a Retractable Roof System. With a Southwest Awning Systems Retractable Roof, you will be the envy of everyone in town!

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Change the Way You Utilise Your Outdoor Space

Whether you are having a dinner party, a Sunday barbeque, or the children are playing, you don’t have to restrict yourself indoors. And if you have a home with a patio, this is the best place in the house where you can enjoy summertime to the fullest. However, Australian summers can get extremely hot, not always ideal for spending time outside.
The addition of a Retractable Roof System can transform the look of your home, as well as change the way you utilise your outdoor space.

How a Retractable Roof System can Change the Way You Utilise Your Outdoor Space

Retractable Roof Systems are multi-purpose false roof systems, also known as retractable awnings or retractable pergolas. They provide a perfect option to change the way you utilise your outdoor living space. They are also a durable solution for your patio or deck. A retractable roof not only provides shade from the scorching sun and shelter from fickle weather, but does so much more. It can transform the look of your house and help you make the very best of your living space all year round.

Make your Living Space Bigger

A Retractable Roof System provides an extension to your existing living space. Undoubtedly, your house will look bigger and have extra room for other activities. A retractable roof will complete the look of your patio and give you a functional space where you can spend quality time with your family and friends. Now you can take birthday parties, family unions, and get-togethers outside and enjoy a few drinks by the open sky. Your additional living space will also ultimately increase the market value of your home.

Enhance the Décor of your House and improve Aesthetic Appeal

Take your imagination to the next level by decorating your outdoor space and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home. A well-designed outdoor area will give your home a magical appeal. If you decide to furnish your patio, a retractable roof system will also protect it from adverse weather. You need not worry about the heat of the sun or heavy rains. For Christmas or other special get-togethers, you don’t have to stay inside. With more space, you can celebrate elaborately with decorations to suit!

Lessen Electricity Expenditure and Impact on the Environment

A home with a Retractable Roof System has the added benefit of saving you money on electricity expenditure. A retractable roof system reduces energy costs as it prevents the house walls from soaking up the heat which can make the interiors hot and uncomfortable to sit in. A Retractable Roof System keep the sun rays from directly falling on the walls and heating them up. It keeps the temperature inside your home at a comfortable level throughout the day.

Why Installing a Fixed or Retractable Single Roof is Perfect for Your Outdoor Space?

After a long winter, summer is finally here. It’s time to get outside, soak up the sun and enjoy outdoors. Now, kids don’t need to be restricted to the interiors of the house and you can take your buffet and dinner parties outside. Spending time outside with your loved ones is what summers are all about.Before you can do that, make sure your outdoors is summer-ready, where you can enjoy and relax without letting the scorching sun get to you. If you are not, all you need is a fixed or retractable single roof perfect for your outdoor space. An extended roof system is not only going to make your summers memorable and provide shade from the excessive heat, but it will also protect your house during the rains and fickle weather. A roof system can change the way you utilize the space around your house. Here are a few benefits to consider getting yourself a sunshade awning for your decks, patios, balconies, terraces, or courtyards.

  1. retractable single roofAdditional seating and living space: With a false roof system, you can extend your living area. Fixed or retractable roof systems expands the area to relax and unwind and give more room for other activities in the house. Imagine, hosting barbeque or sundowner parties now at the comfort of your house and spending a memorable time with your family and friends without crowding the space. This way you have more area to place your furniture and offer more seating space to your guests.
  2. Shelter from heat: Retractable roof in Canberra and other parts of Australia are a common sight. These roof systems provide protection from the sun during those hot summer months. It makes living space cooler and pleasant to spend time in. Most of these roof systems are heat absorbent.
  3. Protection from rain: Installing an extended roof perfect for your outdoor space is a good idea because it not only makes your indoors pleasant but also provides shelter from unexpected bad weather conditions, heavy winds, rains, hailstorms and more. In a way, a false roof system helps you keep your home and outdoors safe and clean throughout the changing seasons.
  4. Control the weather: Fixed roof systems may not allow this flexibility. However, a retractable roof in Canberra and other parts of the world allows you to control the weather. In summers, you can use awnings to keep your living space pleasant. On a sunny winter day, you can fold it up to make your interiors warm and enjoy the sun while it’s still shining.
  5. Enhance aesthetic appeal of your outdoors: With so many unique designs, attractive colors and classy styles to choose from, these roof systems are only going to enhance your outdoor living space. Don’t worry about your interiors, retractable roofs from Melbourne and other places, have a variety of designs that will blend well with your home décor.
  6. Durable and affordable: For a retractable roof system, you don’t have to spend as much as you will have to for a brick and mortar one. These awnings are reasonably priced with warranty and after-sale service and maintenance.

So, what are you waiting for? With so many benefits, investing in a retractable or single fixed roof will transform the way you utilize your living space. With more living space, privacy, shelter from bad weather conditions, you can transform the way you live life with your family.


Top ways to Shield your Roof from Heavy Rain

When storms are brewing, the first thing you should take care of is the roof of your home. Heavy winds and water can harm your roof in a big way. Here are five surefire ways to a leak-proof roof.

Shield Your Roofs from Heavy Rains

  1. Fix Leaks
    Beware any water spots on your ceiling or walls because there may be a roof leak causing them. Chances are you may not be able to spot them immediately. Once discovered though, you should contact a tradesman immediately to plug the leak before it leads to structural damage or results in mold growth. Also, keep a lookout for dark patches or lines on the outside of the roof.
  1. Clean up Gutters & Downspouts
    There are some jobs which you do not want to do, but cleaning your gutters something you should definitely complete. Heavy rains can bring pine-needles, leaves, twigs, and branches that obstruct gutters. Once gutters are sealed with these obstructions, water can back-up and cause damage to your roof.
  1. Check on the Flashing
    Flashing is a type of weather-proofing material that helps prevent water penetration from outlets such as chimneys, skylights, vent pipes, etc. Check these materials for corrosion that may cause sealant to crack and peel away. Put some of the areas under a scanner ,especially where the roof joins roof valleys and a headwall or a sidewall.
  1. Keep a close tab on Vents
    Ensure that the wind-driven rain is not seeping into your vents as this will harm your roof. Also, make sure that your vents are attached securely.
  1. Get your Roof Inspected
    Look for weak spots on the roof or get it checked by a professional roofing contractor who will find any weak links in your roof and make it rainstorm-ready. A roofing contractor has all the right tools, safety equipment and insurance to fix your roof without any hiccups.

The Perfect Shade Options for Different Seasons

What is your idea of perfect outdoor styles? One that you see on the blogs, magazines and so on, You see beautiful pictures of huge outdoor kitchens, pretty-as-picture pergolas, lavish swimming pools et al. They entice you with their excellent designs and their depiction of ideal outdoor lifestyle. among all the different shading options retractable awnings are the perfect shade options.

Retractable Awnings

In order to make dreams turned into reality, you will have to know exactly what is it that you want and whether the same fits your budget. Of course, something that will complement your home both on architecture and aesthetic grounds.

When choosing a retractable awning, or any of the other shade solutions listed here, always make sure to do your research, there is no better place to start than right here.

Retractable Awnings over Other Shades

Retractable awnings are indeed the most popular choice amongst different kinds of awnings, and not without good reason as retractable awnings are well worth your time and investment. Find out different reasons that make retractable awnings such a popular choice.

  • Retractable awnings protect your homesRetractable awnings in Sydney or any sunny place across the world shields your family and home from the harmful UV rays of the sun. You can either use them when you need some bright lights during the colder months and retract them when the sun shines down upon you extra strength.
  • Retractable awnings provide you with privacy – Retractable awnings are a great way to shield your home from prying eyes. You can spend quality time with your family members and friends using your outside space, yet you won’t be disturbed by outsiders, thanks to retractable awnings.
  • Retractable awnings are attractive and functional – Retractable awnings are a great way to add color and texture to the outside of your home or business. You can let in just the amount of light you want by retracting them as per your wish.
  • Retractable awnings are long-lasting and durable – Made up of acrylic fabric they repel water and complements and beautifies the characteristic features of your home, and they are available in a number of shapes and sizes. They have a durable framework of your awning and are available in a number of colors such as ivory, white,  bronze, and camel colors.
  • Retractable awnings protect your furnitureRetractable awnings in Canberra have another benefit which proves to be particularly useful in protecting your furniture from the harsh rays of the sun. The furniture that you keep outside your home, gets degraded because of the unrelenting rays of the sun. Add retractable awnings to your home decor and you will be able to enhance the longevity of your precious furniture for a long time.

Retractable roof systems are now an integral part of your home décor, thanks to its wide number of benefits. Once you invest in them, they will serve you for years together with little maintenance. Pick and choose your favorite shade and install one today, and see how the outside of your home transforms for the good!

Retractable Awnings is the Right Choice – Know All the Reasons for its Rising Popularity

Retractable awnings the right choice? How much truth is there in this statement? Let’s find out in this article. Spending time outdoors during the hot, sultry months is unimaginable to most. Sometimes it may be even hard to sit near a West-facing window, thanks to the unbearable heat. So, you may find yourself looking for options that will help provide proper shade to your home.

You don’t have to rack your brains too much thinking about how to provide proper shade to your home, retractable awnings is a perfect solution that will block excessive heat from your patio and windows. You may be asking yourself, whether it is worth the investment? Absolutely! It goes without saying, find out why!


Benefits of Buying a Retractable Awning

You want to beautify and enhance the look of your outside area. Well, you don’t need to worry as retractable awnings will certainly come to your aid. And that’s not the only benefit, Retractable awnings in Melbourne and other parts of the world, where the weather is scorching most parts of the year, is the best option to invest in. The reasons are mentioned here in details.

  1. Providing Comfort and Safety with Your Awning

 Want to enjoy some fun in the sun on your patio? Well, then invest in a retractable awnings shade. Enjoy family time, doing a spot of barbecuing, or throw a birthday party for your little one. Awnings have the capacity for both large and small areas. You can also prevent peeping tops from peering in, yes, folding arm awnings or retractable awnings can give you the right amount of privacy.

  1. Awnings Help Save Money

You hate the unbearable heat that the sun envelops your home during the sultry afternoons, and hence you have to rely heavily on air conditioners to bail you out during these hours. But wait up! You can save your energy bills just by installing retractable roof systems! Imagine the amount of money you will be able to save? Month after month after month? As awnings are the best way to save on solar heat gain. Yes, almost by 77%.

  1. Enhance the Outdoors

Deck up your patio and the outside of your home in an effortless fashion, of course with the help of retractable awnings. It offers aesthetic value to your home with color and comfort to your outdoor living area. Not only does retractable awnings enhance the look of your home but it is a novel way of protecting the furniture outside from the unrelenting sun. So they do not get faded and you save money there. It keeps your patio and deck looking fresh for years together.  

Now, that you have got to know about the numerous benefits of retractable awnings! Why wait? Install one today and transform your home into a comfortable, aesthetically appealing haven!

Perfect Roof Options for Coastal Areas – Choose between a Flat Roof and a Pitched Roof

If you have a home in the coastal areas you have to ensure that they remain in good shape so that they last a long time. Selecting the right roof material is therefore very important. Different geographic areas have specific needs and hence you must consider different roof options for coastal areas. If you have a home, where forest fires are rampant, you will have to get fireproof roofs or retractable roof systems, also homes built in very warm areas require roofs that reflect the heat, helping it to stay cool.

retractable roof

Specific Customized Solutions for a Beach Home

If you have a home near the coastal area, where there is ample wind, salt, and humidity it can cause damage to certain roofing materials. Wind from hurricanes or tropical storms can cause the roof to blow over. Salt from the ocean can corrode materials. Humidity can also affect the roofing system. Folding arm awnings can help to some extent but better still you can get clay tiles which are perfect for coastal areas, here is why,


The homes around the coastal areas are found in different forms and shapes and color to cater to one’s requirements;
Clay tiles require very little maintenance or none at all.
If it gets damaged then tiles can just be replaced and it won’t need any expensive repair work;
Clay tiles are also fire-proof, water-proof, rust-proof and weather-proof, this makes it the most durable construction material ever.
They don’t weather away nor does the color fade away.


Koramic roof tiles are rust-proof, fade-proof, warp-proof, disfigure-proof or corrosion-proof.

Minimal Environmental Impact

The raw materials used for manufacturing are non-toxic and the water instead of staying put off runs off over the edge. The water can also be used for rainwater harvesting. Cost-effective

Clay tiles also offer insulation that reduces the electricity cost required for heating or cooling. As clay tiles are so durable the maintenance costs also dip considerably.

Visually Stunning

Tiles also add aesthetic value to the looks and it maintains the looks for a longer time. They look absolutely stunning!

 A pitched roof suits coastal areas too as it stops rainwater leakage. Rain is predominant in coastal areas and on a pitched roof, rainwater does not accumulate and find some passage to seep in. High inclined roofing with the installation of shingles provides a natural passage for water to seep out and allows the air to keep the roof dry. Flat top roofs can be used for a number of reasons such as rooftop organic vegetable gardening or you can also convert it into a party place or an exercise area with an enclosure.

When you compare the two, flat roof provides an extra area but with a pitched roof, you do not enjoy the added advantage. When you select the roofing shingles you have to be very careful, you must select just the right quality of shingles which should have the following properties, they should be water resistant, wind resistant and resistant to algae floating in the air and also maintaining the aesthetic appeal.

Keep Your Awnings in Great Shape with These Tips

Now that you have bought your retractable awnings the next thing to do is take care of it so that it lasts longer. Regular maintenance and cleaning increase the shelf life of the awnings. Like all the furniture in your home, you need to take good care of it and keep it in great shape.

Read more to find out how you will take care of your folding arm awnings in melbourne or Sydney or whichever part of the world you live in. and protect it from depreciation.

Retractable Awnings

Tips and Tricks to Take Care of Awnings

Seasonal awning care

Regular sweeping off the entire awning can keep it looking spic and span without a spec of dirt. Using a broom for the very purpose can shield the awning from regular wear and tear. Cutting off the vines trees and shrubs, vines can stop the constant friction against the fabric. Some plants affect the awning fabric with its acid content. At other times branches and twigs cause tears and gaping holes in your awning, so ensure that your awnings are protected from trees and shrubs. Mend holes as soon as you spot one as once it becomes too big, it becomes difficult to repair.

Yearly awning maintenance

 You do not require to take your awning down to clean it thoroughly, so it isn’t too difficult to clean it. Clean it with water to dislodge the stubborn dirt from the awning. Let it dry out before you retract it as the wet conditions cause mildew growth that can reduce the shelf life drastically and you certainly don’t want that.

Clean the awning with a solution of water and mild soap and rub off the fabric with a soft-bristle brush. Once the solution soaks in rinse it off with clean water thoroughly as soap residue can cause discoloration.

Clean it up as and when needed

Things like oil, rust, paint, bird droppings and tree sap damage the awning in the long run. The last thing you want is ugly looking stains on your awning. So, clean up a stain as soon as you spot one. This stops it from setting in too deep and hence too stubborn to remove.

Protect awnings from hostile weather conditions

 Retractable awnings are a great investment option to protect yourself from hostile elements. Gusty winds, torrential rain, and heavy snow, retractable awnings protect you from these conditions, but they also wreck up your investment, so do not forget to retract them from such inclement weather. This protects your awning and makes it last for a really long time.

Southwest Awning Systems is an Australian manufacturer who manufactures a host of different products such as folding arm awnings, retractable roof systems, external blinds and so much more. They are based in New South Wales and they bring in a lot of experience in manufacturing, design and also customer service. With their top-notch customer services, they will answer all your queries and give the right solutions to your problems on cleaning the awning and keeping it in great condition.

What Are The Benefits of Retractable Roof Systems?

The retractable roof systems are a wonderful way of protecting your home, restaurant or business place and also to enjoy the outdoors all year round, without caring two hoots about the outside weather. Yes, the pretty looking retractable roof systems can protect you from the harshest of summers, the chilliest of winters and the wildest of storms.

retractable roof

Apart from its aesthetically pleasing looks they boast of a great many benefits that you should know about. Read more to find out,

Top Benefits of installing a retractable roof system at your place,

  1. Excellent shade solution

The retractable roof system is a versatile shade solution. It can be drawn completely to block out the fierce sun or fully retracted to let in a slice of the starlit summer sky as well as, when the weather is perfect.

  1. Complete rain protection

Most retractable roof systems have an in-built guttering system which drains the water away, which allows the user to enjoy the outdoors even when it is pouring outside.

  1. It has impressive insulative benefits for outdoors and indoors

Installing the right outdoor shade protection can provide the home with excellent insulation against the hot and cold weather. Besides keeping the living area comfortable throughout the year, a retractable roof system can help homeowners save on both heating and cooling costs, which also proves to be environmental- friendly in the long run.

  1. In-built Lighting Systems

Some retractable awnings come with a built-in lighting system which can transform the outdoor area a hub of nighttime entertainment. It proves to be functional yet it emits a warm and intimate atmosphere.

  1. Super durability

Most outdoor blind systems are handmade and they use high-quality industrial materials that include stainless steel, powder-coated aluminum, and tough weatherproof fabrics. They are so-equipped that they can withstand the harshest of weathers.

  1. They protect the fading furniture both outdoors and indoors

Using outdoor awnings ensures your outdoor furnishings remain protected against fading and deterioration. You can enable this protection even when you install it indoors to block the streaming sunlight entering the room via your windows, inhibiting fading problems on your indoor furnishings too.

  1. Expands your living areas

Retractable roof systems create a pleasant outdoor area and extend the indoor living areas to a great extent, making it look more spacious and comfortable. It boasts of a wide range of colors and styles and the roof can even be matched to the indoor decorating scheme. This allows the décor of the indoor and outdoor living area merge seamlessly, combining it into one harmonious whole.

  1. Equipped with an electronic operation

Most retractable roof systems have a superior state-of-the-art motorized system that allows the operation with just the click of a button. For further convenience, there are inbuilt wind and sun sensors to enable the convenience of automatic opening and closing.

So, in whichever part of the world you stay, retractable roof systems prove to be the perfect options to make living plush, comfortable and convenient. Buy retractable awnings from the nearest store and enjoy its myriad benefits.

Advantages of Having Retractable Awnings in Your Home

Retractable awnings are really the more useful and convenient type of awning to use. They score big over stationary awnings as they can be retracted and extended whenever you want to, protecting your home from the ravages of rough weather. The fact that they are also available in motorised and manual rolling systems, makes them the most sought after. Most manufacturers provide them a warranty period of at least 5 years and it can also depend on the type of fabric used.

Retractable Awnings

Benefits of using Retractable Awnings 

  Here are some benefits of using retractable awnings at your home,

  • It protects your skin- Folding arm awnings can protect your skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays which comes from the sun and can severely damage your skin and the constant exposure to the sun can also inflict great sun burns. But you cannot stay put in your home for ages since sunny days are to be enjoyed and with retractable roof systems, you can enjoy the view without affecting your skin health.
  • Homeowners can up the aesthetic quotient of your home- This can be attained by installing retractable awnings. This is the perfect way to not only increase the look of the building but also provide a nice relaxed outdoor atmosphere. There are also a great collection of outdoor but retractable awnings and they also come in a great many sizes and styles. Thus, you can choose the right one with great ease.
  • Shields your expensive furniture and items. Your furniture when it is left out in the sun may get damaged. The harsh rays of the sun are capable of waning draperies, flooring materials, and also the furniture. Retractable awnings can offer ample protection from the sunlight to which they are exposed.
  • They are energy efficient- If the price of the retractable awning is worrying you, you have to know this that blocking the path of sunrays can significantly cool things down, thus, in turn, saving energy and it also cuts down on heat gain and cut down the electric bill with great efficiency.
  • You can save money on tinted glasses- Some people opts for tinted glass or window film to reduce the glare. However, the energy saved by this way is not very efficient, when compared to awnings. In fact, it is said that the heat gain by awnings can be cut down to be almost 50%-77%. So, with this, it becomes increasingly evident that you can eventually regain the money you have spent on buying it.
  • Lower energy bills- Summer usually means having your air conditioner on full blast. But this dependence on air-conditioner results in higher energy bill. On the other hand, awnings offer a cooling effect without the need of any additional energy. It drastically reduces about 25% of the money spent on your exorbitant utility bill.

Hence, when you consider all the benefits of the retractable awnings you will get to know that retractable awning is not only energy efficient and provides enhanced aesthetic appeal it also makes sense that investing on retractable awnings will give you rich dividends.