Perfect Roof Options for Coastal Areas – Choose between a Flat Roof and a Pitched Roof

If you have a home in the coastal areas you have to ensure that they remain in good shape so that they last a long time. Selecting the right roof material is therefore very important. Different geographic areas have specific needs and hence you must consider different roof options for coastal areas. If you have a home, where forest fires are rampant, you will have to get fireproof roofs or retractable roof systems, also homes built in very warm areas require roofs that reflect the heat, helping it to stay cool.

retractable roof

Specific Customized Solutions for a Beach Home

If you have a home near the coastal area, where there is ample wind, salt, and humidity it can cause damage to certain roofing materials. Wind from hurricanes or tropical storms can cause the roof to blow over. Salt from the ocean can corrode materials. Humidity can also affect the roofing system. Folding arm awnings can help to some extent but better still you can get clay tiles which are perfect for coastal areas, here is why,


The homes around the coastal areas are found in different forms and shapes and color to cater to one’s requirements;
Clay tiles require very little maintenance or none at all.
If it gets damaged then tiles can just be replaced and it won’t need any expensive repair work;
Clay tiles are also fire-proof, water-proof, rust-proof and weather-proof, this makes it the most durable construction material ever.
They don’t weather away nor does the color fade away.


Koramic roof tiles are rust-proof, fade-proof, warp-proof, disfigure-proof or corrosion-proof.

Minimal Environmental Impact

The raw materials used for manufacturing are non-toxic and the water instead of staying put off runs off over the edge. The water can also be used for rainwater harvesting. Cost-effective

Clay tiles also offer insulation that reduces the electricity cost required for heating or cooling. As clay tiles are so durable the maintenance costs also dip considerably.

Visually Stunning

Tiles also add aesthetic value to the looks and it maintains the looks for a longer time. They look absolutely stunning!

 A pitched roof suits coastal areas too as it stops rainwater leakage. Rain is predominant in coastal areas and on a pitched roof, rainwater does not accumulate and find some passage to seep in. High inclined roofing with the installation of shingles provides a natural passage for water to seep out and allows the air to keep the roof dry. Flat top roofs can be used for a number of reasons such as rooftop organic vegetable gardening or you can also convert it into a party place or an exercise area with an enclosure.

When you compare the two, flat roof provides an extra area but with a pitched roof, you do not enjoy the added advantage. When you select the roofing shingles you have to be very careful, you must select just the right quality of shingles which should have the following properties, they should be water resistant, wind resistant and resistant to algae floating in the air and also maintaining the aesthetic appeal.

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